Sunday, January 31, 2010

project attempt 2!

Isn't this a sweet pattern? For this place, Brisbane, this is an utterly un-seasonal choice of projects to be making. Perhaps a dream of winter is behind the force of wrap making that has taken me over the past few days. I have 3 on the go, this one is by far the best yarn though, a big chunky sage green from lion brand yarns. It was a gift and I will need to source some more to finish it. It is a rectangle style wrap secured with a large button and I will hopefully have them whipped up in no time, I can't wait to go through my button stash to find the right buttons for them.

Speaking of finished projects, this bag, made from just the most awesome piece of fabric is done and up on my made it site. It is my favourite ever bag made so far, a make it up as I go along pattern and lots of individually designed finishing made it such fun to create.

I put a lot of thought into it because I cherished the fabric so much, and I felt relieved as much as anything that it worked out so well. I have to give thanks to my mums 60s dress sense, because this kind of graphic print is so hard to source nowadays!

And now I have to find something which will do justice to this lovely yarn, actually banana fibre?!

It is like a slightly rough, beautifully thick silk, linen coloured, and is so much more gorgeous than this photo shows... a treasured gift from my dear sister in law Sam. Hmm...I am thinking this over a lot and only hope it won't take quite so long as the above bag to create.( I carried the fabric for about 12 years before I was game to do anything with it!!)

suggestions welcome,

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