Monday, February 1, 2010

photo fun

Now my kids are once more settled into their school routine I will be visiting Bleeding Hearts and re stocking with some fresh bags and toys and brooches. By Wednesday there ought to be a good little selection. I think another biz babes graduate, the lovely Miss Dish will also now have stock in too, so check out her amazing jewellery or visit her at

I was playing around with some new business card ideas and images today, I like the contrast happening in this image and the gnarled surface of the tree bark.

I have also been getting some piccys made for my store which I am in the process of stocking up too.
I used my large old and odd crockery collection to set them up with...exploring some different angles and created this sort of funny view of a little owl softy.

This owl is nestled or stuck between one of my favourite plates, which I love because of the little picture of a ballerina on the back. But this picture makes me happy cos it looks to me as if he is climbing across them?

And this back door is such a handy prop, this is one of my favourite colour combinations, red and cool grey, this just brings me joy to look at...


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