Thursday, February 4, 2010

new things

Please excuse this really ordinary photo!

It shows a crochet stitch, spike stitch, which is used in the project 'Sienna headband' from the beautiful book vintage crochet
I talked about this book earlier here....

It is a slightly challenging stitch. Simply 'spike' your crochet hook below the row you are on, yarn over, then draw through and pull the yarn up to meet the top of your work, yarn over again and draw through both loops on hook and continue...or if that made no sense, google it!

This was my first attempt but I have since being playing around with colours that are only very subtly different and the results are very interesting. Its wonderful how one new stitch or tip from someone can open up a whole field of new ideas sometimes...

Apart from crocheting my heart out, I did go into the city and shifted around and re stocked my supply of goodies at Bleeding Heart too, so it's all there for you to see at Bleeding Heart cafe, in the school of arts building on Ann street in the city.

Expect to see more changes soon as the wall behind is going to be painted(YAY!) and some more exciting things are planned...

Miss dish now has set up shop too, and her dramatic and beautiful creations are well worth investigating.

I am reminded of burlesque style outfits when I see her rich luscious pieces but they would be suitable for more down to earth fashion too...sometimes its nice to jazz up a plain jane outfit with something contrastingly pretty, do you agree?

This is such a long blog but before I sign off, one more thing;
This weekend, this Sunday actually, at the Nudgee foreshore there is a music festival in celebration of wetlands and the migratory birds who visit them. It sounds like a lovely mellow event for big and little folk, and celebrates conservation of these important habitats and the diverse species of travelling birds who live in them. It also combines another love of mine, world music, with performances by varied performers...check out the details here...


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