Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My cool friend, Sam!

This lovely friend, gave me a couple of HUMONGOUS bags of craft materials-yarns and fabrics and handles and more! And the timing is brilliant because I borrowed this book

and had been looking through it and yearning to make things, but feeling abit curtailed by how much yarn some of the projects required. OOOH-EEEE, now I have enough yarn to sink a ship and I am so excited!
I am considering going without sleep I am so keen to use it all...
The book is lovely, Vintage Crochet, by Susan Cropper, there are patterns for pretty vintage projects from head scarfs to picnic rugs and for beginners right through to Nana's. The colours and photos are so charming even without the patterns it would be inspiring to browse though.

and this might be a good image to represent how I am feeling as I gear up and get ready for the new markets which are a big unknown to's wonderful to have these events and occasions which get me out of the sewing room and meeting people. I also feel under the spotlight and that's daunting for a crafty homey type like me...

Luckilly I have treasured friends and these two munchkins who run circles around me and keep me busy and fill my tanks of love and support up.
Apart from recieiving the big bags of goodies, this weeks best moments so far have been -my littlest fella deciding to keep a diary.So, at the ripe old age of 7 he is recording things like what he had for lunch and afternoon tea, etc. And oldest fella proudly wrote down in his diary that he is 'brilliant at drawing pictures.' Warm fuzzies...

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Anonymous said...

Ooooooh you lucky thing, what perfect timing. The book looks sweet, have to have a peek next time we catch up. Every time I go to the library I get so excited about how much you can borrow! 20 ITEMS!!!! haha xox