Sunday, November 29, 2009

so hotttttt

The air feels like it is sitting on my skin tonight, muggy, humid, heavy. I picked my last tomatoes as the plants were really looking terrible, getting stressed from not enough water and nutrients...

I yanked them out and then stripped off all the cherry tomatoes and there was more, much more than expected, hidden under the grass and so on. I am going to dedicate a bit of time this week to replanting the bed they were in, trying to work out what. Sorrel is always useful but will it cope with the summer?

I would love to say I whipped up a big batch of something impressive.But I have no inclination to cook at all in this weather. So salad was dinner tonight, with some crunchy lettuce, some of those tommys, cucumber and red capsicum, all served up some cold soba noodles and dolmades, so refreshing and filling.
I have been really getting into fabric selection the past few days, cutting up the pieces for 21 bags. I am building up some new stock, hoping the markets will go well over December. It takes a lot of time, not the actual cutting, it's the pairing up of fabrics with each other and then extra little things like making a button cos I can't find the right one to match it. I love making buttons, the kit has different pieces which are sort of squished together, with a selected small piece of fabric in between, it is so easy and results in a lovely neat button.

Here's an interesting blog link, about how to be green, if you are living in a rental property. They have a big focus at present on veganism which I am not even close to being, despite my understanding of its benefits. However, there is also some interesting ideas about Christmas, specifically about how to celebrate it without leaving a whopping great big carbon footprint all over town. My thought on this topic is for people to leave their Christmas lights OFF until Christmas is very jolly and cheery looking and can be something really cool to look forward too. It loses its joy though when night after night huge house sized displays are switched on. Considering whole suburbs with their large light shows and the energy used, it all adds up.

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