Monday, November 9, 2009

evening stroll

A drop or two of rain has fallen around here and the frangipani and gardenia trees flowers are blooming, drifting their lovely perfumes into the atmosphere. As my life gets busier I value even the smallest stroll around my neighbourhood, the moonlit sky and the sweet croaking of the makes up for the cane toads which are out and about, unfortunately they are night lovers too.

I have been working all hours on some new bags, made from some gorgeous vintage pieces from my recent gift bags of bits and from my own stash. I am making serious inroads into my materials, however there still seems to be way too much to store in a very orderly way. And there is always more to source, it's a tricky business, not wanting too much but needing a wide variety to match up all those vintage colours and patterns! I can't seem to get enough distressed denim though, so if anyone has a bunch of old unwanted jeans, let me know!I also tried my hand at some computer design...with this result? Time to hire a graphic designer?

Whilst I worked away yesterday I listened in on a really interesting(make that freaky)abc radio interview with the authors of a new book called 'slow death by rubber duck.' The book details a before and after experiment undertaken by a couple of Canadian environmental workers who used and ate known potentially risky products in everyday shop bought household foods, cleaners and personal care items. It seems strange but known carcinogens are allowed in food packaging linings, cleaning , heath care products and even as treatments on the clothes and textiles we wear and sleep on...yikes.

I guess on the upside information is power and most of us are lucky enough to have choice about what we buy and use. I do pity cleaners though, I was one part time for many years, using volatile chemicals and substances. Now, I use vinegar, salt, bicarb soda, clove oil and eco friendly dish washing liquid for all my cleaning and hope this will detox me from those years of exposure.
Anyway, check it out at and let me know what you think...

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