Monday, November 2, 2009

pretty spring

I spent yesterday outdoors with my boys and some friends, visited Northey Street and West end and went for a swim at southbank, I completely neglected my washing, etc because the weather was so lovely for being out of the house. The clouds rolled over but no rain fell, a classic spring day.

The Northey street city farm is at the peak of its fertility, things going to seed and seedlings springing up. This kale, so curly and green and crinkly and sweet. It's curly, grassy green leaves are saying hello, collecting drops of dew on their wrinkly surfaces.

The sunflowers appear as if to warn summer is on its way.They 'loom' at you. 'Look at how big and yellow we are, look at how we watch the sun, following it around the sky with our big bold bee attracting head.' Its going to be a hot one, I think.

I am already making icy poles, into the blender goes a mixture of frozen or fresh berries, vanilla yoghurt and a splash of milk, then this thickish mixture is poured into moulds. It's good stuff.
I work on my sewing with my fan on me, and enjoy the late afternoon sea breeze when it sweeps through my house.
A sweet woman at the market on Friday night(who bought the little rabbity-plush above) was asking me if I had any fish for sale, as in plush fish. I didn't but its a cute idea, a softy fish...and she also suggested whales, which might be a great thing to make when the weather is warming up, out of lovely to handle cotton. I apreciate it hugely how visitors to my stall are so very encouraging and positive and full of good ideas and suggestions, it's very welcomed.

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