Wednesday, November 25, 2009

stocking up

I ventured into my favourite fabric store, Russell's in Sandgate yesterday morning on an impulse.(They have a great range, it is a small family owned store and I am always treated to lovely service by charming, lovely people.) Anyhoo, after wandering in a bit of a happy daze I came out with yards of bright red rickrack. I LOVE rickrack. I mean I bloody love it.
I didn't really have a clear picture in my mind of why I needed to buy it, but once home I whipped up these little baby sized Christmas stockings. I used remnant and recycled felts and off cuts of super festive am I getting? Its not even December yet! This is not really like me, but my gosh they are cute.

I also finished off this bag with some handles a lovely friend of mine gave me. I had begun it about a year ago and left it because I could not work out how to complete it, but these handles were just right. The fabulously groovy material is the bottom part of an a-line 70's dress my mum gave me. I have altered it, chopping off about 45 cms from the bottom of it, to wear it occasionally as a skirt.
you might just be able to see the detail of the crochet straps I made to attach the handle? I am beginning to use some of the huge load of crochet cottons the same friend gave me, having never really worked with fine yarns before and I am loving how soft and supple it is to use. I was very pleased with the results and think it was worth waiting to finish this one.

and this messy bear was made in bed, with my son bouncing about beside me singing me songs and making me laugh, so while its not the most perfectly finished piece hopefully some of the joy of the moment has crept into it? I will be bringing these things along with me to the markets ahead so if you like what you see, let me know!

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