Wednesday, November 18, 2009

storm season

Last night I felt like I was driving one of these...

as I made my way home from a city appointment with my two beloved sons in the FULL ON storm that was passing over. Did you know you have better chances of being struck by lightning and killed, than of winning lotto? I have to say I felt my chances were very high last night, but thankfully my fears came to nothing and we made it safe and sound if somewhat shaky!It normally takes me about 45 minutes to get home, last night was about an hour and a half!

Today seemed like a really good day to practice the art of relaxation.

Anyhow, the question I asked myself, after dropping off the 2 lads to school, was 'how do I best relax?' You guessed it, of course, op shopping...and in just 2 shops I managed to get some amazing and rare bargains! A bag of gorgeous vintage buttons, a 50's apron, stunning tablecloth, 2 linen tea towels, about a metre of sweet old floral print cotton, a cute house oven mitt, a fat quarter of japanese cotton and an iris crockery collection blue bowl...$7 for all of it!

The tablecloth was especially ridiculously cheap-it is quite large and was all hand embroidered featuring cut lace work very was 1 dollar!?!

Afterwards my lovely friend Jo came over for lunch...she reminded me about the value of giving my kids excellent nutrition (she knows her stuff, working at Northey street community farm with the children who visit.) And her gentle encouragement to think about healthier snacks was a great excuse to go buy some mango's. YUM...
I can't wait 'til the cheap tray deals start appearing! How very 'Queenslander' of me!


Bec said...

mmmm mangoes

Li-Kim Chuah said...

Hey. I saw this person on flickr and thought you could check her out. She has some nice stuff. Also you could do a flickr page of just your work for sale and get yourself some more exposure like this chick has done. I am hooked on flickr I'll admit it!