Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I made this all by myself, it's going to be soooo good!"
Its amazing to think my kids are now at the stage where they can actually make their own meals! How convenient, this parenting is such a breeze! All I have to do now is stop them cutting into the bench tops, cutting off their fingers, squashing my tomato plant as they pick the tomato, encourage them kindly and do and cut all the things that are too hard for them to...actually, hmmm, it's not any easier. But it is sweet and lovely to see this beginning independence. Small steps...

Recently I was introduced to the newest participants of the biz babes course. I was asked to introduce myself and say something and all I could think to say was,
"keep plugging away'....urhhhh...public speaking is not my forte.

But in essence its true for business or any pursuit you want in life. Don't give up, keep on getting up to it each day, keep it going, check up on yourself, on what you are doing and why and whether or not it seems to be working. But yeah, even if its tiny steps, keep on doing it.

This is one of my latest hand dyed pieces. I loved making it, colouring the wool, creating the shape which is kind of a cross between coral and a flower and adding the buttons and beads. Sometimes I get so busy I lose the moment, the actual joy of it, and frankly, life is fleeting and I don't want to waste it being stressed or cranky. I am trying to remember and practice being very conscious of what I am holding in my hands, crafting instead of churning it out.

And speaking of making things I made my own bathroom cleaner this week And its so good!
I thought I'd share it because as we head into the summer season this may prove useful in humid areas; it is a great non toxic mould and bathroom cleaner spray.
All you need is -vinegar, clove oil (ask for it at your chemist) and a small spray bottle (you can buy one from your local shops -about 250-500mls should be easy to lay your hands on.)
Fill your bottle almost to the top with vinegar and add about 10-15 drops of clove oil. Give it a vigorous shake. Its made. So spray a light mist on the mouldy bits in your bathroom. It's pretty strong smelling so open up your windows but the smell and spray will evaporate quickly. Leave it a while, over night if you want. Next give it a bit of a wipe over with a damp cloth and hey presto, no more mould. This actually stops the mould, kills its 'roots' so you will notice you don't have to keep repeating this process again and again like you do with bleach.
This works so wonderfully you will wonder why anyone ever thought to use fume-y environmentally awful bleach.

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