Tuesday, February 9, 2010

backing up

My computer screen was flashing like a disco light today, occasionally fading to white and basically looking like it was about to break down altogether! So I decided to back up all my photos, pronto, which meant I had a brief look through the last few years of images. And apart from oodles of photos of all kinds of lovely folk, family and friends and funny things there was a huge amount of images of my creative bits and bobs.

It was odd looking through the old craft images, sort of like looking at high school photos, embarrassing but sweet too. I wouldn't know exactly how much I have made, gifted, sold and traded, but LOTS!! There are photos of the first markets I ever went to and even before I went to a market. I started off truly when I exchanged this oven mitt, made from 2 old felted jumpers for art therapy classes.

I made things for years before this of course, but I began to see my work might have some possible financial value and worth. And I began to keep some kind of record...and here warts and all are some of my early things...

P.S-i hope no one tried to go to the wetlands festival...it truly was a wet-land here on Sunday, and it was rained out and cancelled, my apologies if anyone went along.

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