Sunday, February 21, 2010

that 70s fabric...

I spotted a funky 70s curtain a few weeks ago in a second hand store and bought it home excited and pleased. However in a moment of impulsive oddness, I put it out to sell at a garage sale last weekend.
Thank goodness it didn't sell because I don't know what I was thinking-I would have cried! How could I resist creating something out material like this? For instance in the image above notice there is a cat with a bird perched on it's hat, sitting atop walrus' head, happilly dangling a line near a 'no fishing sign'?

And a penguin as cute as this one? So amusingly strange! I cut it so carefully to try and preserve the funniest bits and made a handbag with it.
I was speaking to a friend of mine today and we were both mentioning how sometimes its very stimulating working with recycled materials. Perhaps because there is the creative challenge of using the material well, and having to design something with the item as it is provided to you, not the item you wish you might have...A limitation is really is helpful for me creatively, I usually get overwhelmed in fabric shops and avoid them partly for that reason, the selection is too much. And also you are just not going to find a piece like this at Spotlight.

The next Avid market night is coming up, first for the year, this Friday, the 26th.
I will try to find time to make pesto dip because thanks to the rain, storms and constant warmth my basil has gone bezerkers!

You can see it here amongst the tomato and cucumber plants in my tiny permaculture patch.
Mixing tomatoes with basil makes for delicious meals and confuses bugs like fruit flies with the mixture of scents.


Amanda said...

that fabric is cute and i love anything orange or red for some reason at the moment.

can't believe you almost sold it! it kinda sounds like a nightmare when you don't realise your dreaming and you can't stop something bad happening!

melania said...

SO glad that you took it back and made something with it - the bag looks great!!!! xox