Sunday, January 10, 2010

school holidays

Everything seems more open and natural on the summer holidays...I know some parents are probably going spare right now but I am loving these days. Walking down to the end on the street to look at the sunset beautiful clouds...staying up late talking...watching sponge bob and laughing til ribs ache...eating bowls of ice cream for morning tea and dessert...floating in cool water...playing chasey in the pool...making little crochet friends while my children watch mr only complaint is that the days pass by too quickly...except maybe one other complaint; that green ants seem intent on finding tender parts of me to bite, 3 bites and counting. bl@#dy things!

The little sleepy one, complete, made in blue...meditating beside the cucumber vine.
It's not the picture perfect one of the illustration with the pattern, but for my first go it'll do...and I have 2 more in progress, red and green, I might just make a whole rainbow family of them!


Sam said...

what a cutie! I love the summer holidays too... I actually like having the kids home from school, very relaxing :)

dash robin said...

yeah, still love the self closing circle! but the face and arms are a bit wonky, however my second ones coming along better...would be so much faster to sew them with felt though...