Sunday, March 21, 2010

moustache power

Another joyful night was had by all at the Avid little market. Thanks all who popped in! I especially liked seeing some new stalls full of lovely goodies and the return of some old favourites.
But now for a quick public health message:

'Is your moustache thinning and pale? Insipid and wan? Have you been fruitlessly searching for a faux moustache ? This is your moment because Bec of little brown dog has finally come up with an affordable solution for the upper lip follicle-y challenged...'

The comfortable and very very sensible elastic attached moustache! Here she models how thoughtful and intelligent wearers appear with one on, hee, hee! She also creates the most beautiful clothing which you can check out here...

Now for a date with some sponge bob and my lads on my big squishy comfy new(2nd hand) couch!

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