Tuesday, March 16, 2010

train sales woman

I have been on a scarf making fad lately, crocheting here, there and everywhere. Today while waiting for a train, crafting, a lady struck up a conversation with me. She asked me what I was making and after I explained it was a scarf, I asked her whether she thought it should be called 'pumpkin soup scarf.' She agreed and then followed that up with...
"I want to buy it."
Oh. oh? really? Okay. Blush. Warm fuzzys.

Taking the food labelling of crafts thing further I have been calling this (un-finished) scarf berries and cream(this is the only way to make my scarf crocheting interesting to my two lil boys) It is on top of my new (old) kitchen chair. The lovely folk who loaned me their furniture for the past year are back and I have been on the hunt for some retro replacements.

I have a bit of a thing for teak and vinyl so I was pretty pleased with these black chairs too. My kitchen has a quirky mismatched retro look now.
Hopefully I will soon have some new retro furniture to snap away at as I trawl the second hand dealers in the coming weeks...
And last but not least check out these bats...this image doesn't do it justice at all, there were more than I have ever seen, flying over continuously for about half an hour tonight! Is that a sign of something?



melania said...

So excited for your train sale!!

That scarf looks delicious :D

Catch you soon xox

Sam said...

yay for craft-loving commuters!

Amanda said...

good job, you could start a little stall at the train station in winter!

love the bat pic, it has that unstable stormy look about it