Monday, March 8, 2010

wet, wet, wet!

Jack, Lu and I were walking along a lagoon path near our place yesterday and quite literally had to watch our steps as these(we think!) little Bibrons toadlets were leaping across the path...we have had SO much rain, dams filling around and it's lovely to hear the sound of happy froggys and toads. You may like to go here to hear their cute sound yourself...

It's been so damp though, takes everything ages to dry...I painted these images in oil paint(on large buttons) a couple of weeks ago and they are still drying!

And I had to keep chasing the sun to get my recently dyed wool to dry too. But it created some pretty little's the skeins resting on the laundry floor getting a spot of late afternoon sun, and below they are hung out on my front porch catching some sea breeze. They turned out very luscious red!

thanks all for the sweet comments lately, it absolutely makes my day!


melania said...

hey dash! it's so great to see you've been painting!

ps do you have any of those large sized postcards with the boatie girl left?


dash robin said...

Thanks Mel-its been lovely to see your blogging posts too! I do have a few left, shall I bring one over sometime?

Amanda said...

oh i'm always so jealous of your little froggy friends! the buttons look great