Wednesday, April 21, 2010

beach girl*

I love the autumn. Not in summer. I put up with beach for the cool sea water in Summer-the glare, need for heavy sun cream (and the sand sticking to every part of me that I just applied the sun cream to)...I find it uncomfortable.

But on days like yesterday, showery, billowing clouds and fleeting rainbows, brisk breezes...mmmm, lovely.

My kids and I loved looking at the little blue crabs rising up out of the muddy sand and creeping towards the pier...

The colours as the sun sank over the horizon were gorgeous.

And being under the pier with the slightly gloomy tangy smelling water lapping over my toes as I snapped this was a real treat.

I have to remind myself to go beach more that pesky summers done. (Not much of Queenslander am I?)
*beach girl-in season now.


Sam said...

sounds wonderful! Just my type of beach outing!

Unknown said...

Oh I am with you. I am off summer. Autumn is my new favourite season.
I prefer homemade home to the creative family actually. It's actual book design is more pleasant. Also the projects are numerous and I find them practical and interesting. Poss creative family will be more interesting when little messyfish is a bit older... Hope this helps?

Amanda said...

oh i miss the beach! I love how you have that metallic effect in a couple of those photos