Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy fertility day!

My feelings towards some christians views of Easter is best summed up by this...
which I think is so very funny....especially the 'pray for me' bit.

But I do love how we continue ancient pagan traditions in fun chocolate rich ways...and clearly so do these guys!! So happy guts on chocolate day everyone!
I have finally finished the bunny I began over a year ago...he is loosely based on a pattern for Stan from this wonderful book which I have mentioned before.

I didn't follow the head or ear part at all and went my own way....he is pretty happy to be here on eggy day and also the day my son Jack turns 13!!

hope everyone's having a fun holiday,


Sam said...

Happy Birthday Jack! wow 13 - how did that happen?! I remember when he was just a wee bump! and Happy Chocolate Day to all!

Miss Muggins said...

Great cake.
I love the look of that book. Would you recommend it?

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday- what a cake!! Love that little blue bunny too! xo m.