Monday, March 14, 2011

from little things...

I ordered some business cards last week to hand out to folk enquiring about having a stall at Village life market, impulsively I chose to quote the title 'from little things big things grow'
To inspire me each time I look at it, to remind me of the earth and to ground me (all at once!!)

It's the title of one of my favourite songs, by two of my favourite singers and is now a story book too-so many stories have grown from this song and will go on growing....what's your favourite song?

By the way, if anyone who is interested in developing a eco friendly micro business in the Brisbane area and who wants to test the waters of their product/service at Northey Streets Village life market feel free to pass on my email;
cheerio Kate

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Maxabella said...

Indeed they do, Kate. Indeed they do!

Village life market is such a fab name. I wish I was a Brisney Land local! x