Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more frogs

More frogs. This is for better or worse somehow becoming a frog blog.
Ah well, sometimes life is hectic and stressful but looking for frogs is relaxing and fun! Plus these kind of everyday observances of nature inspires everything creative for me...

so enough words-here's todays friends

...can you spot this one, his colours a giveaway!

This one was up high, notice his little feet curling under the leaf...awww.

And another cute one, showing off his or her lovely green skin by sitting on a Rosella bushes red branch.
and lastly this little one was hiding behind a wooden Buddha plaque...sorry froggy, but I found you!


Baa-Me Kniits said...

You have a very healthy environment at your place Kate, does Tripi try to catch them?? My Minnie seems to be able to catch them still no matter how old she is getting :-(

Marg said...

You can post all the pics of frogs you like, they are so cute and it's good to see plenty of frogs around.

Moois van mie said...

hey are so sweet ! we don't have them around here. Not that kind of frogs anyway.