Wednesday, March 30, 2011

reincarnated kimono artworks

I have two artworks ready for the Reincarnated Kimono exhibition which is opening on Saturday at Hanasho Gallery, West End.

I am torn between them both, one is very minimal, the other very full- I like them equally. They are all ready to be hung (today!) and as I am still undecided which to use I am going to take them both, see which one suits the space better. Failing that I will ask Melanie to pick one, so please 'wish me luck'- it's the first time in years since I have exhibited anything and just between you and me I am nervous


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Well done Kate that is so exciting!!! I wish I was there for the exhibition I would love to see what everyone has done with the kimomo...Good Luck although you don't need it :-)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Really gorgeous, my friend Emma Kidson is doing amazing things with the kimono for this exhibition too. Love the concept, love Posie

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
I really enjoyed your creations with the vintage Kimono at Hanasho tonight, and thankyou for speaking a little about how the design process evolved for you. Congratulations!