Sunday, May 15, 2011

jam, dash robin and bunnies...

hello, it's all about the photos this week for my catch up blog.

Those who follow may have noticed my growing anticipation of rosella jam as my plants I can happilly reveal half the crops been picked with more to come!
The process of making rosella jam was so cozy, picking the beautiful fruits, pulling off the petals, cooking up the gorgeous scarlet lush red pulp and filling the house with a beautiful aroma...

and of course tasting my very own rosella jam! So delicious!

Making the jam was a change from crocheting- not that I am complaining!!
I have been having a very productive and inspired time creating custom designed pieces.
I don't want to spoil the surprise for the folk who'll be receiving their parcels by showing any of this weeks items...and I also forgot to take photos of them! ;o)
Instead here's my lovely new dash robin printing stamp created especially for me by
I was really excited to have run out of my last lot of bags so I could use it! Isn't it sweet, who couldn't love a robin??

And if you are follower of Baa-me knits you may have wondered where Lucy is? Well, rest easy, she has arrived safely and is feeling the Brisvegas love!
So far she has stayed close to home but there are plans afoot for her to visit a few cool places once she has got her bearings!

But rest assured she is adorable and being adored!

Cheers for now, Kate


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Aaawwww Lucy has a big smile on her face, she loves cuddles. She also loves Rosella jam so better not let her near that lot :-)

I worked on a station once as a gardener, all permaculture, and we made Rosella Jam. I remember the smell well....Yummy!!

Marg said...

I love Rosella Jam but it always reminds me of when I first heard of the jam and had never heard of the Rosella bush. I knew all about Rosella birds, so you can imagine what I thought was in Rosella Jam, ewww.
Lucy looks right at home being cuddled.

dash robin said...

Ha, ha-me too! Its blood red as well which doesn't help :o)