Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day

I wish all mothers a beautiful day, and if you lost your baby or child I hope you feel acknowledged within and from others that you are always a mother and they will be very much in you, for life.

Your love and memories are authentic and your child or baby was and always will be too.

I appreciated a line in a poem my son gave to me, 'you know me, I love you.'

These are words I hope every mother can take into her heart as surely this is somehow true of us all, no matter the circumstances, and no matter whether our child is profoundly disabled and unable to express this in words or no longer with us or able to easily speak them.

We know these little ones and love them and feel and want for love in return.

This is the best piece of writing I can find to come even close to expressing the profound connection and journey mothering is.

'patience is not learned in takes time to develop enthusiasm for how remaining open really feels. Through our hopes and fears, our pleasures and pains we are deeply interconnected'

(Pema Chodron)

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melania said...

What beautiful, thoughtful words dear Kate. I hope that you and the boys found some joy in the small things through your long afternoon. It was so lovely to spend the morning with you all xox