Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ha, ha universe. I wrote a chirpy little post about things all looking up and brightly this year and the very next day I got slugged with a tummy bug. Sigh. I know. So things may or may not go well this year, this I can accept. I have no idea where life will take me but I plan to be cool with it, no matter.
I am yet to go into Blackstar and see what has sold in my time away...but there is a gig on, free from 7.30 to 10 this Friday night(9th Jan) and I plan to go. Tis' Peter B and the Homeless souls, and although I have never heard of them its free entry, there's the best iced coffee, so it's gonna be good.
I am being inspired, prodded, encouraged lately to dream and hope and share joy
Happy new year to all, hope your dreams and mine come to fruition...
p.s this dear sweet dreamer is turning 7 this week!Hoppy brithday Luka!

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