Sunday, January 4, 2009

2000 kilometres

is a long way to go for a wedding and some Christmas pudd...but I did it and I am back and I am happy to be not driving anywhere!!

The wedding was lovely,C&D cried buckets of happy tears and it clearly was a day of much romantic love and feeling and thought for them...and it was great to catch up with old friends in the beautiful Dandenong Mountains. And best of all the kids-heart stoppers the lot of them, they looked so cute they sort of stole the show!

Along the way home I saw...sunflowers growing along the roadside, like funky yellow smiles against the green cropped fields, grasses dry and bleached blonde- stunning against the blue-purple mountains, trees scattered apart by fierce storms, hand painted nailed to tree signs- "christ is near"(apparently you can find christ in Narrabri or at least near there) and lots of other delightful or funny things.

I had lots of lovely experiences; climbed-walked through the Warrumbungles, ate way too many chips, paddled in rivers wide and brown, swam in natural springs, saw the most beautiful antique fashion collection, wandered through a perfumed chinese garden, drank many a cup of free tea served up by generous old ladies and men at driver reviver stops, etc.

I am home again, alone after constant company for weeks and my thoughts feel light as a feather. I am off to a good start, 2009 feels might fine and I have much to look forward to.

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Happy New Year!