Thursday, January 29, 2009

new things and more envy...

I have added some more to my 'lil display in the love filled Blackstar cafe...which in case you are wondering is very child friendly(see my little loves below with aunty) It has a cute little area for kids to muck about in, with a big blackboard and some toys and stuff.

I will be making some more coasters soon, I had no idea they'd be so popular!
However,in the meantime I have been working on wallets and purses which are available. My favourite is the one right up front, I do so love blue and brown.

I will be in the shop on a coming Friday evening with more stuff...a night market, more details soon-plus any like minded crafters can put their hands up for some space too...
Plus I have applied for a place in a business babes mentoring program so (fingers and toes crossed) I might be able to step things up a notch with some help. It would be a boost, believe me.

And just to round things out a bit here's a couple more photos that I took when I visited from Jays place...

look at the colour, at the gorgeous type face, the shiny silver hinges. It is the front of an old gas oven. Even with my ridiculous un-store-ably large collection of vintage kitchenware I do now dream of having a retro oven. Yep, bloody hell, I am still jealous.

And, I am also really jealous of his friends handcrafted Christmas gift for him... no one has ever made me a funky Santa...
He has a pingpong ball head and little bottle cap hands and he is ACE. It goes without saying that they are the cutest boots in the world, too ,hmm? I am yet to meet the creator but I like her already.
He reminds me of this little fairy drawing Luka made which I adored so much I copied it onto some fabric and embroidered it...maybe it is the boots?

seeya xKate

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