Thursday, January 22, 2009

going to my head...

Yesterday my boys and I checked out the 'optimism' exhibition at GOMA and we loved it. I only wish I had more time with them because there is so much to see and do there.
Here are a couple snaps of our highlights.The picture above is so 80's isn't it? Remember the Wham film clip with the 'choose life' tshirts and ultraviolet lighting?
Luka used the glowing shapes to create the little yellow and pink sculpture to the left of him, and all the kids could add shapes to the wall display behind him.

The Victorian cartoonist, poet and artist Luenig painted this delightful mural along the wall, featuring his so-sweet ducks and curly men, Jack thought it was gorgeous.(Not as gorgeous as his smile though!)

I loved wandering through the fluffy white forest, it was very hard to keep my hands off it, it all looked so soft and inviting. Jack and Luka were discussing whether it might have been made of Polar bear fur, but happilly no, its all fake
(p.s-note my new 'Tibetan nun hairdo'-now, if only I thought like one ;o)

Speaking of fake and hair-dos, here's my newest look....

elegant, no? I have to say after spending 3 days unravelling and re-rolling this lots into SO many balls of wool it was literally going to my head, and getting to me!
Lastly, here's a little scene that really did warm my new camera box and the yarn from my dads jumper. My new camera has made its way into quite a few homes already, quite a few great, interesting places- this past week has been anything but dull!
There will be more to post soon, but 'til then, take care,

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