Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy christmas...

I have loved crocheting these past couple of days. I have been sick, such a joy this time of year! But then again isnt it always a pleasant surprise? Anyway, while resting up my fingers have been busy creating some lovely new flowers from a great pattern taken out of this great book.

(crocheted accessories by Helen Ardley.) It is a great book for beginners with clear comprehensive instructions for the most basic stitches. The projects would be satisfying because some feature chunky wools and large hooks which give fast, exciting results. There are lots of projects I'd love to get into..I just wish Brisbanes climate was a little more suited to shawls and mittens. Perhaps if I create these cold climate items though they will become somehow compelling excuses for visiting Melbourne and Ballarat and Rochester more often?

The year is drawing to a close..and while I take time to crochet and rest all the big reflective questions rise up...did I do the right things, what are the right things? All the little questions flood in as Christmas looms too-is there enough presents, enough food, enough drink, enough of everything?
I give myself permission to let go of it all! To cherish peace, to cherish others for being exactly who they are, is my christmas present to myself. To know enough is enough, what everyone offers and gives of the heart and mind is always, always enough.

Merry christmas all, be gentle to yourself, eat, drink and be merry and love and love and love.

Enjoy this beautiful song...

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Sam said...

lovely musing... I'll see you tomorrow... Will bring wool and chocolate xx