Sunday, December 14, 2008

going, going away

There will be a collection of brooches and coasters available in Vonneys and Martys cafe, Blackstar, on Thomas Street in West End from this coming Monday. Do check them out if you are in the area...thier iced coffee is the best and contains nothing artificial...fairtrade coffee, organic milk, maple syrup for sweetening, divine in this weather.

I am driving down to Victoria in a couple days time to spend Christmas with my family in near the new south wales border, attend my brothers wedding in the Dandenongs and hopefully squeeze in some rest time amongst all that travelling! I am going to stop in at the Dubbo open plains zoo, for a bit of a safari style animal experience, I am sure my kids will love it.
I hope we all get some big love down there like we did last year...

eeing the woman who babysat me as a child give my son a hug was such an emotional recharge...

I am feeling really reflective, as the year and work winds up for a while. I think a lot of people find Christmas brings up memories, and it can be very difficult, lonely. I find walking really calming and hope I can enjoy some river walks in my parents home town. The banks are lined with enormous river redgums and it is beautiful, so I am crossing my fingers the weather will be good for it, and not too many flies about!

I took this photo last year of some graffitti near Sam and Bruces old house. Sam and I love it.
Be kind,


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