Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pretty things

Interesting house, made of rusty corrugated iron...photos taken while hanging out washing on rooftop clothes line.

Some other little things, ladybugs(surely the cutest bugs?),Himalayan restaurants prayer flags and an old painted sign.

When I have a camera in my hand ordinary walks will progress at a snails pace. I would like to say it is because I appreciate everyday beauty and the little things, but um, it also means anyone walking alongside me will need to be patient! These are a sample from the one minute, half a block walk to the corner shops. Not to take photos really, but to get milk and loo paper.
Actually walks with my camera are probably not unlike walks with toddlers who wander this way and that and point out, 'og-doggies' and 'fwowars' and all the other things they are at the right height to enjoy.

A drawing lecturer, Godwin Bradbeer, (from when I was at uni a billion years ago), once got down on his hands and knees on a busy pathway and called my friend Nadyne over to come see a 'cute bug". She was, y'know 2o or so, so a little embarrassed, but its pretty sweet. He also wore bright yellow jeans with big yellow boots and did and does the most incredible and huge drawings of faces and monkeys. He is a gifted artist and was a kind respectful man during my uni days.
A sample of his lovely work can be found here http://www.johnbattengallery.com/artists/gb/index.htm
Anyway, I do think there is something a little more alert to everyday observations in some of us, not just arty types either but just appreciators of little pretty things...so be on the look out..for either pretty little things or types like me on our hands and knees looking at cute little bugs, it'll give you a laugh either way!

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