Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blackstar opening

The Blackstar cafe had its opening on Friday night, and what a lovely night it was. It was good to see some old friends and to meet some sweet new people as well. As expected the food, company and drinks were wonderful, but beyond that there was something much more special going on for me.
It was about seeing something really rare and discouraged in capitalist society as the heart of, the reason behind a business. Not token, not for good p.r, the guts of something. And it is inclusion, it is nothing less than love in action.
Fairtrade coffee is very important, the business, but for me the beauty of this place is that it is a space for everyone. For community. While working as a support worker and in libraries it became clear to me there needs to be spaces for communities, not just for 'customers.' Spaces where people will speak to the person travelling in a wheelchair instead of to the person pushing it. Places where you can stay and linger even if you have no money. Places you can go to for company. For peace. For any reason at all.

Vonney read a poem she had written and one word stood out to me, 'unity.' I loved hearing the origin of the name Blackstar and will write more about it down the track, but for now, I really want to encourage anyone and everyone to get on into Blackstar on Thomas Street in West end for a cool iced coffee and a warm smile.

Also a quick reminder about the local-music,markets of locally produced hand made goodies, food and drink happening this Saturday, 3 'til late at the Juice Tank cafe on Oxley Avenue in Margate...hope to see you there!

P.S-why buy handmade? Follow this link for some reasons...

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