Monday, December 8, 2008


View BlogAs I have recently been getting some new visitors, I have to take a moment to say hello and welcome, thanks for your interest, and feel free to send me a message. I have a new email account set up, if you have any questions I am happy to answer them.
With my kids confined to home with chicken pox(not to worry, very mild) I have much time to craft and get on here and upload things. I have some been taking some photos of my work and have a collecton of brooches to share which I loved making.

This one is white on white, a cloud flower, my personal favourite style to make. I was happy to have collected enough second wools and buttons to make up this whole set.
This poppy one is big, bold, red and was fun to piece together.

This piece is made of mixture of recycled felted woollen jumpers and I was thinking of sea creatures when I made it, after seeing some images from a deep sea life documentary called the 'aliens of the deep.' The sight of tentacles moving through water is really exquisite and I translated this into something much less delicate but perhaps cuter.

Unless she is asleep I have to shut Miss Lovely(the cat pictured above) out of my room when I am doing any crafting. She is very kitten like and playful, and will bite wool, fabric, me, if I let ger in with me. So how ironic then to make this cat brooch.
This one is crocheted from hand dyed organic wool, given to me by lovely Sam and is very earthy looking isn't it? It makes me think of dried grass heads and indigo blue night skies.I am going to make some christmas crafts today with my sons to decorate our house (although we won't be here it will be fun!) Hope everyone else is getting excited rather than bothered or stressed by the thought of Christmas,

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