Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cloud crocodile

I think I have already mentioned this several times in my last few posts but GOD, IT IS HOT!
I am dawdling in shops and taking longer than nessesary car rides, keeping myself in the comfort of air conditioned coolness for precious moments.

Can you see the crocodile in the clouds?
(p.s-this photo was taken by Luka, from the car window as we drove home over the Hornibrook bridge. All of that considered think it is pretty good shot!)
Luka has been having swimming lessons through his school and I popped in to watch him this week. Oh, they all looked so cute!

Besides drinking vast quantities of iced tea and driving all over, I have been busy, busy, busy tying up loose ends, cutting stray threads, glazing, stitching, crocheting.. and I have a nice sized collection of goodies ready for markets and cafes. So here are some of my latest or favourite-st hand mades...

Coasters(made with vintage fabric, book illustrations & recycled cork off cuts sourced from reverse garbage)

Birdy brooch(recylced fabric and cork)

Sleepy brooches(recycled and new felts)

Purse and evening clutch (recycled yarns and buttons)

All of this and more will be up for sale at the Blackstar cafe(mainly coasters and brooches) and the local market, so soon! I am very nervous...

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