Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cheese rambles

I love good cheese and bread, had it for lunch(thanks to Sam and Maria) and then for dinner(thanks to Christel, Sol breads and myself.)
Simple yet complete meal and big bonus in this energy sapping weather it requires no cooking!...salads, fruit, yoghurts, nuts, cheese and bread are going to be the main items on my menu til we get another cool change!

I am also loving my new glaze (which I use to protect and stiffen my brooches and coasters.) It is water based, has virtually no odour and dries clear...its called crystal clear and yes it really is. It is also tough enough to be used on floorboards so plenty strong enough for my purposes. I had been using the most god awful stinky oil based glaze, which was thinner and required more applications and gave everything a grotty yellow tint. It costs more but I use less, and water based means less nasties going down the drain. :o)

My room is becoming a bit over run with stock, fortunately some of it is made to order so it will be gone soon, and hopefully the rest will be snapped up(whoosh," like that"-imagine me snapping fingers) at the market. Or else everyone will be getting 'em for Christmas presents!!

Here is a typical scene in my room: note mug& mobile beside coasters...only thing missing is chocolate-a terrible situation, I must get back to Aldi!

I went out and saw 'Australia' last night, at three hours it is a bit of an epic but it really didn't feel long. The scenery was stunning and although admittedly at times I felt as if I was watching a tourism ad(so many sweeping shots of escarpments) it was utterly beautiful. I recommend it, keep in mind it is typical Baz Luhrmann style: stylised, songs, magic and melodrama, so you have to let go of your modern tastes a little and go with it, to enjoy it.

Photos of new things very soon+cafe opening party this Friday night!

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