Monday, December 22, 2008

the country

I grew up in country Victoria and most years I have visited my home town or others at least once since moving to urban bases. When I first left my little home town I remember my art teacher(the gifted printmaker and all round lovely man Ian Westacott)told me that it took him years to adjust to city life. As an eighteen year old I scoffed at the very idea I wouldn't settle into the heart of Melbourne like a duck to water...

Well, I dont know if I have adjusted yet Westy!? I do love city living and could not imagine living in a country town again but somehow when I am here a part of me that is tensed relaxes, and it is a part I don't even know is tense 'til then...

I am back down here, for Christmas and a wedding,
and I am crocheting(eek-presents to complete!!)
and have also ironically been doing a lot of shopping(eek-presents to complete!!!!)

And I feel peaceful, I imagine I could stay here forever
(mainly I suspect because I don't have to )
But it is a good think to feel content to enjoy a moment or a whole day and to have the space and time to really appreciate and notice it...

So here's a list of things I love (and love to find have not changed in the 17 years since I left home)

I don't have to lock my car,

the lady who babysat me when I was 8 still lives in the same house and will still welcome me the same loving way,

my parents leave their back door open for me(even when they will be out the whole day),

the houses are old and grand and owned by ordinary people,

the roads are wide enough for a bus to do a u turn in,

every ones gardens have fruit trees in them, heavy with apricots, plums, peaches, apples,etc

the night skies are spectacularly beautifully amazingly thick with stars

trees like river red gums hundreds of years old line the river banks

the horizon line can be seen everywhere

...and now there is even a great restaurant in my folks town where they sell wonderful wines and delicious foods(Kits cafe in Rochester, I can't rave enough...sigh!)
I think the lack of distractions and the possibilities for roaming is the thing I love the most. I love these moments where you can feel time rolling around you, feeling like a spoke in wheel.

'So the world just rolls on by

slow enough for us to paint the sky,

orange red,

orange red,

here take my hand

and we'll paint it blue again' Emma Dean.

Peace and best wishes,


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