Sunday, November 30, 2008

Au revoir George

That fine old theatre The George Cinema is no more. One more independent business closed its doors, but at least they did so on a high note. The choice for thier final screening was Amelie, oh such a beautiful, romantic, and funny feel good film...and to think I had never seen it on a big screen before! It showed to a full (happy if nostalgic) house.
It was a very hot night and so the after party spilled outside, everyone eager to soak up the fresher air...the free drinks flowed and spirits were high. I enjoyed reminiscing with others about the films I'd seen there, for me the most memorable were Pans Labrynth, Taxi driver and probably my favourite, going to the opening night of 'Lucky Miles.' ( I can't recommend that film enough) I haven't talked about films for a while so after seeing such a sweet French film re-living the special moments of that film and all the others that have touched my heart was very special for me.
Anyway, cheers George, ta for the memories...

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