Thursday, November 20, 2008

After the rain

Every few months Brisbane is hit by torrential rains and big cracking storms...and strangely although I have lived here for over 11 years now, each time it takes me by surprise. I am never prepared and I always think each rain is going to be no I get drenched or avoid dangerous storms by a few minutes or such...or this happens to my lovely little seedlings...

They went for a bit of a swim, right out of their little plastic pots.

Much like my friend Jo's gumtree did, doing a belly flop right into her pool!! (Jo's photo)

Mmmm, I reckon out of the 2 of us I did alright. She is possibly the bravest and most gutsy woman I know but considering she was home and all alone during the cyclone she got very freaked out. She sent me a text message straight after (which I didn't see til much later,) which in part read, "holy f***ing mother of god..20 foot of tree on the roof, lost 4 large trees, thought I was going to die..." when I rang her she had taken a few medicinal sips of vino and was really very calm.
To think she had been enjoying a swim in this pool only an hour before! The damage is incredible really. I am just glad very glad that she and her neighbours were not hurt.

This photo is the usually high and dry, grassy bank of Kedron brook, a full 10 hours after the rain had stopped, which shows how dramatically the waters rose.

On a totally different note, this week a dream has been realised for my friends Vonney and Marty. In the heart of West End(44 Thomas Street to be exact) they have opened up a fairtrade coffee shop, Blackstar. Here's the lovely Vonney, a woman beautiful inside and out, with a heart as big as her hair(hee, hee!)

mmm, retro table...and mmmm-ier pastries!

I am sure to be a regular there, they do the best, the bloody BEST iced coffee ever and the whole place is warm and inviting and so pretty. In the new year I am hoping to get in there regularly to be with others and do some kind of craft thingy-thing. There is going to be an opening party on the 5th of December so locals keep it free, or of course pop in between 6.3o am and 3pm weekdays for coffee with conscience, conversation and most of all fun!

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