Sunday, November 2, 2008

garden party

It was so still and humid and hot today that I was willing a storm to come and bring a cool rainy breeze...the ceiling fans whirred away, and kept me from surrendering to the temptation to just lay in the hammock with a cold drink. So hard to do house work when it is really hot, but the house seems messier then too?
I was compelled to mop and vacuum for some reason, it all looks good now, shiny floorboards, and because I did it late afternoon it should last one whole night! Sharing a house with up to 5 kids means there is always much cleaning to be done, and the oh-so- temporary joy of a clean floor is something to savour.
Anyway, there is a gorgeous breeze coming from the river now and I know will sleep well tonight.
Despite the muggy weather housemate created a whole new no-dig method garden bed today, edged with big rocks. I was inspired by this lovely surprise to pop in some seeds with the help of my youngest son. Luka patted the soil down over the seeds oh so gently, I think he kind of thinks of them as little babies, it really was sweet to watch the care he took with it. Both my kids love being out the back here. It does not feel like we live near 2 main roads in an inner city suburb at all...this is the view from the kitchen window...very foresty-lush, huh?
We had a garden party yesterday. The words 'garden party" conjure up images of tea sipping and scones on lawns to me, but ours was bit more jungle, beer and vegan bbq style. The plan behind the festivities was to invite people over, feed them, give them a beer and get into the garden, maybe establishing a veggie patch or two.
So about twenty friends came over, ate and drank and had a lovely time. But the garden is looking much the same as ever, not a garden tool touched, not a weed plucked...but it was really a lovely day, we were all too busy talking and cooking and eating to venture out into the bush that masquerades as a backyard.

Here's a quick snap, of some new projects, but just a hint really, once they are finished I will photograph them properly...


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