Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sea side wanders

After a series of days of being indoors, with unwell kids, I had to get outside and breathe the fresh air today. As I walked along the Margate foreshore I came across this lovely yellow flower which had fallen and landed oh-so perfectly on a rock.
It was like the tree above was making its own offering to buddha or a god...too sweet! It is looking like it is going to rain again any second, but at least those moments were a refreshing break.
I would love to say being stuck indoors has meant lots of creative activities and baking and the like but for that kind of thing you'd best follow Soulemama
I am more like slowmama or sleepymama...trying to get bedlinen dry mama, trying to keep kids from falling down stairs mama, chocolate eating-tea drinking mama.
And, oh, speaking of chocolate, I have exciting news, my friend Sam.J put me onto this, ta to can buy organic fairtrade chocolate at Aldi stores for only $1.50 for 100 grams! And its not even on special, just their regular price for it...hmhmmmm. I do like a feel good discovery like that one!
I am going to have to get back out and rescue my washing....fingers crossed the predicted storm tonight skips us and everyone else who is already roofless or powerless...

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Sam said...

eek! that's possibly too much for my depleted will power to resist - will have to do a Aldi run tomorrow!