Sunday, November 16, 2008

When you're lost in the rain ...

A huge summer storm passed directly over our house today. The thunder and lightning rattled the windows so much one flew open, so the gutter overflow poured in directly onto a bed. It was a wet ol' job getting the window closed again!!

'Woke up, got out of bed.
Looked up at the sky and said :
"Yeah I think I see some blue"
But as I drove the rain began
Walked the path once more again
This time not to the top
The rain fell and would not stop'

I have planted lots of seeds (tomatoes,bok choy, basil,coriander,pak choy,capsicum!!) this week. The rain is seeping down through the soil, swelling out the seed case and the first 2 leaves, I like the idea of them down below, all geared up and ready to pop open and push their way through to the light, what a big journey for a little bud?
Hmm, I will sleep well tonight with the sounds of rain on our roof.

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