Monday, November 17, 2008


After yesterdays humid dramatic stormy weather todays dull skies and drizzle seem very uneventful. Having heard about trees falling on cars and roofs and into pools and golf ball sized hail stones I feel very lucky! We didn't even lose our power fortunately.
Crochet, tea and music and Miss Lovely were peaceful company for me on this overcast day. Miss lovely is the sweetest, most playful cat, but she was eventually evicted from my room because the yarn dangling down from my work was too tempting for her.
Todays music: Swan song by Laura Jean, vanilla rooibos tea and some beautiful hand dyed blue wool, care of a Brighton op shop, which I am using to make up some purses.

I need to learn how to dye wool blue, I love these indigo, phalo and ultramarine blue shades, especially how they blend. I would like to try to re create a sea sort of look and I have some white and cream wool awaiting treatment. Meanwhile this wool was 50 cents, I was amazed finding it, in the exact colours I love.

I have been thinking of how much colour inspires and moves me and I am very happy to share this very pretty image, of a very sophisticated recycled artwork...
I can't tell you much about the artist because her (Finnish)website is not translated into English... but the whip-up site had this to say...

' Marja Hakala(artist), “Rename it”, made of T-shirts, installed at Kivinokka, Helsinki.

Marja collected second hand and discarded t-shirts then cut out the a circle shaped where the logo appears, then stretched the t-shirts between trees. The red of the t-shirts and the green of the environment contrast - the grass will eventually grow up inside the cut out sections to replace the logos. The cut out holes are also stretched and attached together nearby - without context the viewer can rename the whole work again. "

Well, I imagine the grass growing through will take a while, but the whole thing is very whimsical yet somehow deeply moving too. I was reminded of my favourite artist Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials and spends hours, days placing them carefully and photographing them...this one is made with Rowan leaves stuck down with mud, and it truly makes my skin prickle.

The colours almost seem to have a life force in them, and this is the kind of art that makes my heart open and phew, these artists are very talented.

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