Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pancake joy

Yesterday started off early but happilly.

My flatmates 3 year old was demanding pancakes instead of dinner the night before(as 3 year olds do) so I suggested to him, if he ate his dinner I would make him pancakes for breakfast.

And those kind of words are practically a legal document in a 3 year olds mind, so 6 am yesterday morning there was a little voice at my bedroom door, "pancakes?"...cute.

So up and off to work I went and a happier table of children in Brisbane at 6.30 a.m would be hard to find...

Here is my all time favourite recipe for pancakes.

My son once described them as like tasting sunbeams and rainbows!

They are easy to make, incredibly cheap and contain nothing artificial or yukky-

3 eggs(organic free range or your karma will suck)

1 cup flour

1 cup milk


Easy, easy instructions. Separate the eggs, mix the yolks, flour,milk and as much melted butter as you like together.

The next step is the really important one! Whisk up the whites, get them good and fluffy. Then gently, gently fold them through the mixture. Don't skip this because doing it ensures light fluffy yet rich and delicious pancakes.

The rest is pretty obvious melt butter, pour batter, fry and flip...melt together some butter and honey as a topping or whatever you like really and enjoy!

From the sublime to the ridiculous my life does take me to some funny places. After I had dropped off the kids, I spent time with my friend Russell Anderson who was driving around Scarborough beach in his bubble car bubble machine..he was being filmed for some inane commercial kids TV show, which I am pretending to forget the name of.

It was funny when my kids came along as the crew and presenter are obviously used to getting a reaction from children but my eldest just asked who they were in a puzzled 'why are you so in my face' kind of way...ouch, poor egotistical host, cut down by an eleven year old...they were all really lovely though and it was a interesting insight into how they make shows, its all in the can and seemed so refreshingly fast compared to the tedium of film making.

Anyway, you can see the amazing things Russell does here

Seeing the vehicle in action as Russell motored along in it sending out great showers of bubbles is one of the funniest and most delightfully absurd things I think I will ever see. And the best part is seeing someone living their dreams, I really love it.


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