Wednesday, October 1, 2008

spring lovin and beastie boys...odd

Hello, hello, what have we here then? A bit of spring lovin'?

So, you may notice a distinct lack of craft photography, well, yup, I had one of those crazy-too-busy-days and only managed to make 3 tiny little crocheted mushroom tops (not even time for a single stem)
Although I usually think there is not enough time in my days to 'make stuff' today I really felt the lack...sigh. There is nothing like searching for rental accommodation to make you feel like you are not using your time efficiently! Yes, I am trying to find a rental house and I am sure a lot of people could nod their heads in empathy, as so many others are searching fact I am pretty sure they all turned up to look at the same house as me in Woolloongabba today...ha, ha!
But damn it, I want that house so fingers, toes, everything vaguely cross-able is firmly crossed tonight...please let the real estate rats overlook the over-lookish stuff about me and look on over the look-ish stuff instead!!
"Be realistic - demand the impossible!" - Soyez réalistes, demandez l'impossible! -
Anonymous graffiti, Paris 1968
Now, I want to take a moment to direct any would be crafters to the most amazing truly has the broadest range of craft related information including links to the coolest tutorials...some recent ones include making jewelry from resin and making felt foods, they have competitions and all sorts of other interesting links too,
so ch-ch-check it out, what, what, what's it all was I..., sorry feeling a little
beastie boy-ish tonight... so anyway, just go here, I swear it's good

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