Tuesday, October 7, 2008

edies new hat...

How very chic, yes?

Okay, so this is 'officially' the worlds most tolerant cat.
Aside from making cat hats I have been here and there, hardly ever home lately.

Mostly I have been roaming all over Brisvegas looking for houses, which is fun...well, not at all really.
-oooh, breaking news, have got a house!! Hooray!!- thankfully no more griping posts about house hunting!

Something wonderfully perspective giving for me, was seeing the film "Persepolis," http://www.sonypictures.com/classics/persepolis/

Based on a graphic novel of the same name, this film depicts the story of girl growing up in Iran, how her relatives and her own life unfolded and unraveled as the political climate altered the whole region. The animation and story is simpley told yet profoundly beautiful. I felt really moved and engaged by this illuminating story and thought a lot about Amnesty International, about the importance of human rights and the groups who exist to promote respect for them.

This link will take you to a page about childrens rights, http://www.amnesty.org/en/children
and about ways Amnesty International is involved in supporting them....some food for thought,
"There are estimated to be between 100 million and 150 million street children in the world, and this number is growing. Of those some 5-10% have run away from or been abandoned by their families."
Crap, huh? So join or do something, whatever you want, find whatever is it that makes your heart ache and educate yourself and others...there is important work to be done and we all have bit of spare time to put towards these kind of things. Towards kindness.

Aside from this, I have sold a few more brooches, and have had some sweet feedback, so thanks to anyone and everyone who supports me. And I mean this in any and every way, even just smiling at my stuff as they pass me by or a shop assistant saying they like my wallet, all of it means the world to me.

I am moving into a new house this weekend, in Kangaroo point, with a large leafy back yard...do you think it is called this because there will be kangaroos hopping through our back garden? Well, no, it is as close to the city as you can possibly get, but thank goodness, a house!

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Sam said...

yay! congrat's on the new house! make sure to let us know your new details.