Thursday, October 2, 2008

wood land elf hat

hello again. I woke up this morning possessed of the need to make the cute hat from the bend the rules sewing book, which I mentioned in an earlier post.
It was so easy to make, I used felt, no fraying, no hemming. Amy Karol (the author) suggests pinning the pieces together and ease stitching, but I did it slowly and carefully, used no pins, not a ease stitch in sight...and mine worked out fine. I bent the rules of the bend the rules book...
So here is the household cat wearing the woodland elf hat...hmmm...I am sure he liked it, just no where near his head. Its not for him anyway, so its a good thing he didnt get too attached.
Fortunately I found a much more willing subject in the form of this squirrel...he is rather stiff and un-lively but as he is made of stuffing and fake fur let's excuse his modelling abilities.
I used small pieces from a couple sheets of felt, and at most it took me half an hour to make, so I feel a sense of achievement, with very little effort or expense, so not a bad way to start the day!


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