Monday, October 13, 2008


Moving is exhausting!
I am enjoying this day, sitting in the library listening to a coastal chill album via my headphones and laptop…people going in and out, studying, reading, its peaceful here. A good spot to sit and type these words down.
I spent most of last week either doing house inspections, cleaning or packing, and the weekend was flat out with the actual move.

First up though, my new house...well it is light and airy and open, a queenslander up on stilts surrounded by a spacious garden. I woke up so happy this morning, my windows have feature panels of pink and green patterned glass, and a gentle breeze was billowing the light streamed curtains. I don’t have a camera at the moment, so my descriptive writing will have to do!

And the best thing is the huge garden, I see the space available and dream of fresh tomatoes, oh yum. The dreadful photo above is the only one I have and is from the real estate agents, trust me it looks much better in real life!!At least it gives some vague idea.

It was a great feeling laying back on my bed after a hard days work, with my kids tucked up all happy, safe and sound, in a place we can call home.

This afternoon I will get my sewing machine unpacked, it will be in its own little spot, ready all the, huh. No excuses, I have the books, the for some time.... :O)

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