Wednesday, October 15, 2008

eco art

I have just moved house, so I am looking at my surroundings a bit more critically than usual. I need a bath mat.
The instructions are almost insultingly easy, did any one else do a latch hook rug as a kid, because it is basically like that? I remember my childhood latch hook project had a funky little cloud and rainbow design, and seemed to take forever to make, but that was with fine bits of yarn and as this is made with towel 'thread' it should be easy?!

Anyway instructions here;

This link is from the recyled craft section of the ecologue website;

a good resource, but it is designed by and for U.S folk.

My favourite basic resource about how to reduce environmental impact at home was put together by the Australian Conservation foundation;

This site has a carbon footprint calculator and so much information about household energy saving, it's easy to spend ages reading through it all.

I had a bit of a happy find yesterday. In my suburb it is kerbside collection time, people put out their large bits of junk, usually broken tvs and old fridges but surprisingly often good stuff . The council then collects it and trucks it off to thier tips...
Anyway, yesterday I got a unused large compost bin, a garden tool organiser-stand thing and some pots. Why do people throw theses things away, don't they know anyone, anyone who wants these things? $80 at Bunnings for the exact same compost bin and they throw it out? Not that I am complaining! My housemate did the whole permaculture certificate and is full of great plans for our garden, so I think this compost bin was meant to come to us...

I have a fun project planned for this weekend. I am going to transform a mdf book shelf into a painted and felt decorated masterpiece for the kids room...

I have some light blue paint and plan to glue on something like these fellas...

and paint some birds on it...hope the kids will like it!
I am really looking forward to some creative play after all this moving, driving,etc-ing...

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