Sunday, February 8, 2009


I can hardly think straight to type this morning. I am so saddened by the fires sweeping across Victoria. I do not watch TV, don't even have it set up, and I do not miss the news images. I can't help but think the visuals create in me, and other very sensitive people such sadness it becomes a block to our doing anything to help...others though are moved to action by such images.

I am typing these words with Eden at my feet, her little hands pulling at me. I am feeling pulled in more than one direction often.

I got accepted into a business babes mentoring program last week(will share anything which might be helpful ), and Blackstars' mini market had a great start on Friday night. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and meet some newies too.

The potential for this space and ideas seems huge. The night was HOT but still people flowed in and the atmosphere was good.

Lilla in one of my tea-cozies...which we discovered make lovely children's hats. (Or if you are an adult with a tea pot shaped head, go for it!)

We had a big reunion party in my household on Saturday as we needed to celebrate little Finn and Inez coming back into our lives. Asger's lovely family and girlfriend and my own little fellas made a happy group. Ulrich was balloon crafting for all the kids and the rest of us sat back, eating, talking, playing and feeling peace in our hearts to see such happy children together.

On Sunday my boys and I went for a ferry ride into the city and browsed through bookstores and ate ice cream(s). We attempted to go home but the heat drove us out for a swim under the full moon down at the southbank beach, we transformed into a gang of frogs and flopped and plopped and washed the memory of the days humidity away. And rested with our little pussy-love who follows us like a faithful dog when we go to the shops.

Must go and spend some quality time with Eden,


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