Sunday, February 22, 2009

crochet blues

I have lost my crochet cravings. Where has that thrill gone?? When I look at my crochet books, hooks and wools I feel well...nothing...just, hmm :o(
It's my little thing, to do anytime, anywhere, and I just dont seem to want to now.
I have been sewing instead but I miss the slow and steady progress of making each loop, watching a piece grow, it is meditative and calming. But right now its annoying and boring! EEK! Where has Dash-robin crochet crusader gone? Maybe its the weather or maybe I need a really good sleep. I got up at 4.30 am to get my lil sis Kwis off to the airport during the week and I have felt in need of a nanna nap ever since.
All is not bleak though, cos instead of crocheting(sniff, sniff) I have been making some little fuzzy felty heat-pack toys. They are like the heat-wheat bags, but are filled with lavender essential oil scented barley(which my aunty suggested) They are the perfect size for sore necks or tums. They are maybe a bit like cat-alien-gingerbread shaped fellas(I know its a terrible description, must put up a photo!) The best part has been coming up with ridiculous names for them..'period pals', 'menstrual mates', 'ache angels' etc.
Anyway, back on the subject of crafty-blues! So everyone has tired, uninspired, 'over it' days, and who knows, maybe there are some very good reasons not to be creative and unleash your 'gifts' on the world (*Slipknot please read this!* You do not need to create!!)
I am not going to name the people who posted these but I pay silent homage to:
...painful stuff ups

Confusing patterns...

Confused minds...
and projects that are icredibly ugly!(This is a bag!! My god!!)

Mind bogglingly so...

So there we have it, nothing to be intimidated by, or to want to copy or emulate! Put your feet up with me and we'll have a chat about the best tv shows from the 80's,

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