Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have been doing, mainly sewing and apart from finishing loads of half made things I have been working on a screen/curtain/room divider-thingo.

As you can see in the fabrics above there is a selection of indigo blues, some snake dreaming aboriginal designs, japanese prints and sky images. The piece is for my boys room so these bold yet intricate patterns, seemed right., and were all found in my own stash which I have been sorting through( its getting to a more manageable size as the projects keep getting whipped up)

Essentially the design is dozens of circles attached to long felt straps....I am getting pretty good at sewing curves, I tell ya.
Anyway, it is still a work in progress but is looking very unique and noice and unusuuuual so I will finish it, hang it up and post a piccy of the finished piece soon.

And speaking of the boys here's super hippo (and the dodgiest photo shopped image you're ever likely to see.)
Lukas hero and companion...

Joining him on flying foxes...

Or even being a warrior-check out the spear!! Eeek!

And not to worry, 'cos Jack has his own cuddly hero too, dear fiesty Miss Lovely(she honestly does look out for us, even follows us to the shops, scouting out the terrain for us!)

Anyway, enough guff from me, I fear this bloggy will become little more than an excuse to post up cute pictures of my kids and cat, will try and be more artsy (arsey?) again next time ;o)
hope your sewing machines are whirring or your needles are clicking,

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Sam said...

ah well... you know that it's no hardship for me to look at pictures of nephews and cats ;)